Construction of the houses for most needy families with the help of SELAVIP Foundation. LAMP constructed 40 houses for most needy and vulnerable families who do not have basic entitlements, identity and basic amenities in Giddalur Municipality of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Totally 258 people benefited not only got good home to live but also with self-respect, dignity and social protection.

Safe Village Program/ Girl Child Protection

Safe village program is an innovative strategy designed by the “My Choice Foundation” to effectively address three contemporary issues which are really impoverishing women and girls from attaining their very safety and development. Safe village program primarily addresses three major issues viz., 1. Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls, 2. Domestic violence and 3. Child marriages. These three issues are inter-related and having its high incidence in Guntur District. “My Choice Foundation” identified most vulnerable villages with the help of a research based data analysis and identified LAMP to work in Guntur District to redress these problems. Under this program, we do work in identified villages where there are high risk factors and organize the villages to make all the people conscious on abductions, the pimps who lure the innocent women and girls while exploiting their social and economical burdens. We generate awareness among the girls, boys, fathers, mothers, village elders and all the officials concerning to that particular area through screening programs, lectures, discussions and by distributing flyers and comic books. We give widespread publicity for this program to sensitize the people on this through media coverage.

Environment Conservation

Many species of flora and fauna are getting threatened and being imperiled from the planet earth due to high magnitude of pollution and biodiversity depletion. Now the threat is at the threshold of human kind with the pollution of entire Eco-system which is resulting in climate change, global warming, drought, natural calamities, disasters and catastrophes. For mitigating the hazards, LAMP is carrying out various programs as mentioned below to safeguard the environment:

  • Plantations and afforestation
  • Biodiversity conservation through peoples’ participation
  • Inculcation of Eco-friendly culture among the people
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Organic farming
  • Effective management of soil and water resources
  • Effective solid waste management
  • Participatory research on safeguarding Traditional Knowledge and best practices to ensure sustainable management of land and natural resources

Women Empowerment

Development of a country or a community could be measured with a progress achieved by women in that articular area.LAMP believes that development process is not strengthened until and unless women are actively involved in the process.In the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh women are comforting with many problems such as gender discrimination, caste disparities, unemployment, migration, immortal trafficking, abuse, abduction, atrocities, assaults and persecution.
LAMP has been striving hard to empower women so as to make them as the instruments of social transformation and paradigm shift.

With the prime objective LAMP is doing the following:

  • Organizing women into Self Help Groups.
  • Strengthening the Groups for making them eligible to receive various benefits from the government.
  • Imparting life-centered education for making the conscious on their fundamental rights.
  • Imparting skill development training for creative alternative and sustainable livelihood.
  • Enhancing nutrition and health for adolescent girls and women especially among vulnerable communities

Revitalization of 'Chenchu' Community

LAMP entered into the Partnership with center for World Solidarity and ASW and started implementing a project for the revitalization of ‘Chenchu’ Community in 12 habitations in the Nallamala Forest region and spread in 4 mandals namely Bollapalli, Veldurthi, Durgi and Macherla in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA. Chenchu Community has declared as Most Vulnerable Tribes (MVT) whose population is drastically declining year by year. This project would address their fundamental human rights while organizing them into groups for ensuring better survival for them. On the other hand this project aims at accomplishing and tapping various programs being implemented by the government for the welfare and development of Chenchu Community

Financial Liteacy Programme

Majority of the marginalized are excluded from banking services and became financial untouchables in target area of LAMP. There is need of inclusive all these excluded community for effecting function of bank and promote development of country. Dalit, women, youth, Labour artisans, workers are not inclusive in banking system . Hence the service of bank and channelization of government programmes through banks is in accessible to majority of the people. The financial organization has to be promoted for past growth and development of the country. Monetary, transaction leads to misappropriation misuse and corruption also a increase velocity of money that increase the tendency of inflation. Hence there is need of inclusive the neglected and excluded marginalized.

The following activities and programmes are being organized for imparting financial literacy among the rural folk:

  • Preparation of IEC materials

  • Wall writings

  • Celebration of Financial Literacy Week every year
  • Awareness on social security and insurance
  • Consumer awareness and consumer rights
  • Making people conscious on cybercrimes and fraudulent acts

Disabled Children Empowerment Programmes

With the gracious support from Balavikas vzw, Belgium, LAMP is striving hard to empower the persons with disabilities and their families in Guntur District. The overall objective for this project is “Creating an enabling atmosphere for the disabled children and adults to lead their life to their full potential through quality education, good health and hygiene, rights and entitlements from the government and a sustainable livelihood”

Advocacy for the rights of the disabled and the aggrieved children

Under this project, LAMP has been doing advocacy since 2021 for attaining the fundamental rights of the disabled and aggrieved children across Guntur, Palnadu and Bapatla Districts of Andhra Pradesh. With our initiative many children were able to get the SADAREM certificates, Pensions and could able to meet their essential needs. LAMP is going to extend this model to the entire state of Andhra Pradesh very soon.

Community Based Rehabilitation of the Disabled Children

LAMP has taken over the noble mission for ensuring the community based rehabilitation of 39 families in Guntur and Palnadu Districts of Andhra Pradesh. As a part of this project Balavikas vzw, Belgium is providing the families with nutrition support, psycho-social support, disability management accessories, health management and sustainable livelihood for the families.

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