About Us

Founder: Mr K Solomon Paul

Our vision

Establishing an egalitarian society where all the people have equal access to attain holistic development irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region & race.

Our mission

Rendering relentless services for accomplishing the vision with active involvement and participation of the people we work for.

Our team

Nirmala Macs

Mrs Nirmala

Chairperson-Women's Wing

Mr K Solomon Paul

Founder, Director & Chief functionary

Dr G Showraiah

Vice-President and Health & Environmental Wings

Mr Prem Kumar Illury

Projects Wing


Mrs Jhansi Rani

Legal cell

Objectives of LAMP

  •  To abolish child labor in any form to strive for the free and quality education for all the children
  •  To empower women and youth so as to strengthen the development process with their involvement and participation
  •  To Promulgate Human rights, Dalit rights, Adivasi rights, Child rights and Impart human rights education to see that all the   citizens enjoy their fundamental rights as defined by the Constitution of India
  •  To work for the community based rehabilitation of people living with disabilities, HIV/AIDS infected affected for ensuring   inclusive growth and development
  • To put an end to various social malfeasance such as domestic violence, immortal trafficking of girls/women and child marriages
  • To conserve the environment through protecting the biological diversity, including Eco-friendly culture and promoting renewable energy